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Jayimi Beauty Massager - The Smart Gua Sha Massager

Jayimi Beauty Massager - The Smart Gua Sha Massager

Jayimi Beauty Massager - The Smart Gua Sha Massager

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        JBM is the ultimate addition to your skincare ritual. Being the FIRST ever ancient Gua Sha Beauty Tool enhanced with a modern take, customizable at 4 different modes.

        With the upgrade, JBM multiples the benefits of regular Gua Sha by 3 TIMES, instantly contouring and lifting your face after just 1 use!

        Besides improving overall health and radiance of the skin, JBM helps:

          🔸Improves blood circulation
          🔸Reduces puffiness & inflammation of skin
          🔸Enhances skincare absorption
          🔸Promotes lymphatic drainage
          🔸Relieves facial and jaw tension

          To put it simply, it is the best way to get the youthful and glowy skin you've always dreamed of! 😉

          TO START: Press the power button once. Press again to change to preferred mode.

          • 1st : VIBRATION + LED (DEFAULT MODE)
          • 2nd : HEAT + LED
          • 3rd : HEAT + VIBRATION
          • 4th : HEAT + LED + VIBRATION


          With over 8000 vibrations/min, your skin will feel more lifted and toned with each vibrations. This mode amplifies the circulation and the exchange of nutrients in the cells deep within the skin while simultaneously rejuvenates it.

          2. HEAT TREATMENT
          Operating at 45°C, an optimum temperature for the skin, it detoxifies the skin and opens your pores for better penetration of skincare whilst producing a luxurious massaging experience!

          3. RED LED LIGHT
          A natural light that can penetrate deep into the skin. It stimulates collagen production which gives your skin its elasticity and helps with issues such as skin conditions, scarring, and signs of aging - including wrinkles and age spots.

          4. HEAT+ LED + VIBRATION
          This is an elevated synergistic mode that combines all options together as one, resulting in a multiplied effect that is 3X the effectiveness of each mode when used separately.

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